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Helping disabled veterans.

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Our Goal
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We are here for our brothers.


We Help Disabled Veterans During Crisis.

USAVETSCO provides emergency assistance to qualified veterans. This includes funding for rental assistance, utilities and food when the veterans are facing a temporary household budget shortfall. Our program was established principally to prevent veterans from losing their existing shelter.

There are challenging obstacles ahead but we believe with support from people like you that we can achieve our goals.



Prevention of veterans’ homelessness

USAVETSCO was founded in 2012 by our chief-executive officer a disabled US Army veteran while studying college legal courses underwritten by the Veterans Administrations Vocational rehabilitation program for disabled veterans. The Virginia winter of 2012 was brutally harsh for many veterans living on fixed incomes, especially those attending college. It required excessive funds for home heating. Many times, veterans often must prioritize expenditures and choose between paying rent on time, food or utilities. Whilst enrolled in college this can be distracting for our veterans. That Winter our founder had firsthand knowledge and experience of his and many veterans struggles. He decided to legally register USAVETSCO as an incorporated tax-exempt enterprise to meet the needs of his fellow veteran brothers.

Our fledgling association endeavors to assist disabled veterans who face unexpected hardships. The loss of utilities or basic needs is something no disabled veteran or their families should endure.

Some may point to the fact that there are numerous associations that assist “homeless veterans” which is true. However, very few, if any organizations offer funds to aide towards prevention of homelessness for veterans. In theory and practice veterans must be homeless and literally on the street prior to many of those resources being extended towards assistance.

USAVETSCO was founded offering prevention assistance in difficult crisis like these for disabled veterans.


Welcome to LoveCare Non-Profit Charity

Thank You For Your Service

These words are greatly appreciated by veterans when spoken with sincerity. Without deeds assisting our veterans who were injured or wounded while in service to our nation a is dereliction of our responsibility to care for and honor them as defenders of our republic.

We are of the profound opinion and unanimous in it that no disabled veteran should be displaced in his country. Not one. Please join us in these efforts to assist as many veterans as possible. Thank You. .

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We are our brothers’ keepers.


More ways to give...

USAVETSCO accepts online donations via Square or ActBlue Charities links You can also donate by scanning the QR code for Square or Venmo images on this page. Personal Checks may be mailed to our listed business address. Bank wires may be deposited directly into our Navy Federal Business Account - bank routing/account numbers are located on this page.

USAVETSCO is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. USAVETSCO doesn’t collect or store any information on its website. All donations are made off-site via safe, secure and trusted third-party payment processors.


Fundraisers for 2021/22...

USAVETSCO aims to establish a transitional housing for displaced veterans in 2022. We are hopeful to procure a facility housing for 10 disabled veterans. This facility will be located in Virginia however available to veterans who meet the criteria nationwide. We will position ourselves to assist the most venerable disabled veterans. Giving them the opportunity to regain their independent.

Phase I The objective to secure is $1,150,000 prior to December 15, 2021. This is the minimum we endeavor to raise. Allowing us to assist veterans during the holidays with emergency rent arrears and utilities.

Phase II We aim to raise $1,700,000 million dollars exclusively for veterans housing by June 2022. It is an ambitious goal however with your assistance we are confident that we can meet and/or surpass it with your assistance. Please make a donation today to assist in these efforts. Thank You!